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The Curse of the Berserk

At the very end of the North, there was a frosty village near port.
The people of the village were brave warriors who bear the beasts, pirates, and winter.
Their body was a cold iron, and spirit a tree rooted in glacier.

But the son of the chieftain was a weak man, both in body and spirit.
He was surprised even by a wolf cub, and barely carried a fish sack.
But his father and his people helped his training and encouraged him, that he could be a great warrior too.

The pressure and anxiety seized the young man.
He took and wore the bear hide from the chieftain's room, entered the holy lake of Dimeork and prayed.
To give him a strength and spirit of the bear.

His wish was granted.
The man who gained the power and spirit of the hide that once was a bear, went down to the village and slaughtered the people.
He was a man no more, but a bear that was hunted long ago.
Strong warriors couldn't fight right against the bear who had the face of their friend, and son.

The story of the berserk with the bear hide, began like that.
He would be roaming the snow misty forest still.
Killing his father and kin, getting covered with indelible blood, and knowing nothing.